Citadel Secure: A Proudly Australian Company

Citadel Secure is a full-service partner to the Defence and Space industry, providing unparalleled expertise and engagement services. Founded in Adelaide in 2019 by veterans with a passion for supporting the Defence industry, Citadel has grown into a fully integrated professional services firm with locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Wellington (NZ).

As a member of the Lofty Group of companies, Citadel Secure offers a range of services, including strategic business, security, IT, communications, engagement, project management, and technical writing, to help our partners build successful businesses and secure commercial opportunities. We believe in delivering value to our partners and always prioritize their needs, whether that means being smarter, more cost-effective, or simply taking the problem away.

At Citadel Secure, we are passionately Australian and committed to employing the best people to deliver high-value projects. We encourage a diverse workforce and support community initiatives, and we are proud to have successfully delivered projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Citadel Secure’s Defence Engagement services are designed to assist start-ups, SMEs, and Primes in engaging with Defence organizations. Our team of experts offers tailored solutions to help companies understand the defence industry landscape, develop a defence industry strategy, build relationships with key stakeholders, and grow their Defence market. Our business is built on the principle of preparing and supporting companies to engage with the whole-of-government and Defence markets through expert advice and technical writing.

Our Defence Value Proposition is rooted in delivering quality business advice, governance, security compliance, and Defence engagement consultation services. We provide access to expert advice and experience within the Defence market, freeing up directors and senior managers with time to focus on day-to-day operations.