Citadel Secure is proud to partner with Novafast, as they expand to the BAE Global Access Program

Citadel Secure is proud to partner with Novafast to support their engagement requirements in their growth into global opportunities. Together, we have worked tirelessly towards this goal.

Recently, Novafast had the honour of showcasing their innovative solutions in advanced composite products to BAE Systems Global Access Program team during their visit to our facility in Adelaide on May 2nd. Novafast presented their first-of-its-kind robotic technologies, which support the delivery of critical components for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Hunter Class Frigate program. This visit highlighted Novafast’s importance as BAE’s local Australian manufacturing partner and potential supplier for other large global Defence projects.

“We were delighted to visit Novafast’s facility in Adelaide and witness the impressive capabilities of their composite solutions, including their advanced use of robotics for automated manufacturing,” said Jeremy Satchell, Head of Global Access Program at BAE Systems Australia. “Novafast’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their products, and we are confident that their composite solutions will now be competitive in the global market while also successfully supplying the Hunter Class Frigate Program.”

Novafast’s contribution to the Hunter Class Frigate program and their preparedness to support Australian and Allied partner defence programs both onshore and internationally demonstrate its importance as a local Australian manufacturing partner to BAE and its connection to the recently announced AUKUS pact.

David Figallo, Business Manager of Novafast, stated, “We are excited to offer our unique shipbuilding capability, which is available for global markets, through the BAE Global Access Program to international alliances. Our investment in advanced robotics technology enables us to provide a competitive edge to customers worldwide, and we are committed to supporting Australian and Allied partner defence programs both onshore Australia and internationally.”

Novafast’s investment in advanced robotics technology enables them to deliver the highest quality products to customers worldwide. Novafast is proud to be involved in the Type 26 Global Combat Ship project in the UK, which is a significant opportunity for Novafast to expand our global presence and further demonstrate our expertise in composite products and solutions for critical processes.

The facility was officially opened by Deputy Premier of South Australia and Minister for Defence and Space Industries the Honourable Susan Close MP. Guest speakers included Craig Lockhart, Managing Director BAE Systems Australia – Maritime and Novafast Holdings CEO Chev Charles Figallo OAM OSJ. The event was attended by more than 130 political dignitaries and key industry executives.

David Figallo, Novafast Business Manager, said, “We are pleased to partner with BAE Systems Australia to deliver world-class Defence manufacturing capabilities in South Australia. As the only Australian-based manufacturer of GRE composite pipes, Novafast aims to be the global leader in composite technologies and production processes using our advanced and automated production processes. At a time when Australia is facing increasing uncertainty in the region, it positions us as a key sovereign capability industry partner, and we’re delighted to have the partnership of BAE Systems to undertake this work in Australia.”

Director of Citadel Secure, Philip Morgan, stated: “Our partnership with Novafast demonstrates our commitment to supporting local Australian businesses in the Defence industry and promoting the growth of sovereign capability. We are excited to see Novafast’s success in the global market and look forward to continuing to work with them in delivering world-class Defence manufacturing capabilities.”

We are proud to have been a partner with Novafast in supporting their growth and engagement requirements over the past two years. The recent visit by BAE Global Access Program team to Novafast’s facility in Adelaide is a testament to their innovation and commitment to quality. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Novafast as they expand their global presence and offer their unique shipbuilding capabilities to international alliances.

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