Empowering local small businesses to boost national defence programs

Citadel Secure, a South Australian defence engagement and training consultant group has expanded into New Zealand. We’ve also diversified into new markets like marketing and IT to offer complete solutions to our customers.

Citadel Secure group of companies is proud to support Australian SMEs in their efforts to navigate and succeed in defence industry. Citadel also provides training to the Australian Defence Forces and supports international disaster relief teams. Citadel’s focus on collaboration, innovation, and technology has allowed them to deliver successful projects such as Operational Analysis Training for the Defence Science and Technology Group and support to Novafast successful entry into the Defence industry sector.

“Citadel develops teams to work in complex and uncertain environments including Defence and Critical Incident Management environments. We have delivered and are currently delivering project work to the NZDF in various areas, including training design and training support since 2019”, says James O’Hanlon, one of Citadel Secure’s founders and Directors.

With our expansion to New Zealand, we are now better positioned to support the local defence industry and disaster relief teams. We’re collaborating with local SMEs to deliver projects that ensure the service personnel, and the national and international disaster relief teams get the right equipment at the right time.

“At Citadel Secure, we believe in providing complete solutions to our customers. We understand the importance of aligning our customers’ needs with our industry capability while simultaneously assisting the industry in upskilling and transforming their capability to best practice, best quality, and efficient design, manufacture, delivery, and sustainment. Our focus is on Industry 4.0, technology refresh, and innovation,” said David Searles, Citadel Secure’s Principal and Director.

We are expanding into new markets such as marketing and IT to offer complete services. We are thrilled to have Sandra Simpson, a Brisbane based marketing consultant, join our team. Sandra’s expertise and experience in marketing focused on manufacturing and engineering businesses will enable us to take a more comprehensive approach in providing better services to our clients and extend our offering to Queensland.

In preparation for future defence work, we’re building a portfolio of companies seeking to secure their data, specifically intellectual property better, to sustain data security. Our Citadel IT team is dedicated to this goal and continuously works to improve our service.

This year at Avalon, Citadel Secure is representing a diverse range of manufacturing and engineering companies and assists them with defence and aerospace industry engagement (Represented companies: Novafast, Aluminium Dynamics, Nylastex, Elexon Electronics, Astute Electronics, CC Refinishing, Tynbell, Jet Support Services and ARM Hub).