Nylastex Expands Apprenticeship Program and Supports Women in Manufacturing

Nylastex, a precision tooling and manufacturing company based in Adelaide, is proud to announce its commitment to addressing the skill shortage in the manufacturing industry by expanding its successful apprenticeship program. Through their expanded apprenticeship program, Nylastex is focused on recruiting and developing female talent to provide equal opportunities for women in the industry.

The success of Nylastex’s staff development initiatives is evident in the achievements of its apprentices, including the recognition of Brad Donaldson as the South Australian Apprentice of the Year and National Holden Apprentice of the Year. Today, Brad leads a team of seven apprentices, including two exceptional young women, Tessa and Charlotte, who joined the team in 2021, showcasing the potential of addressing the shortage gap with diverse and skilled talent.

“We are inspired by Nylastex’s commitment to providing opportunities for young women like Tessa and Charlotte to excel in the manufacturing industry,” commented a Citadel Secure spokesperson.

Through their apprenticeship program, Nylastex aims to equip young women with the skills and knowledge required to become successful tradespeople in the manufacturing industry. “We take great pride in our apprenticeship program and the opportunity it provides to the next generation of skilled tradespeople,” said Heath Jenner, Nylastex’s General Manager.

Nylastex’s commitment to training and development is evident in their efforts to address the skill shortage in the manufacturing industry. By engaging female apprentices and investing in their future, Nylastex is helping to close the gender gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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