The Future of Defence and Space Industry Support

Citadel Secure is a veteran-founded company that was established in Adelaide, Australia in 2019. The company was founded with a focus on supporting the Defence and Space industry to meet their physical and cyber security requirements. With over 50 years of experience working within and supporting the ADF (Australian Defence Force), Citadel Secure brings a unique perspective to industry engagement.

Today, Citadel Secure is a fully integrated professional services firm, providing partnership support for a range of services, including strategic business, security, IT, communications, engagement, project management, and technical writing projects, across Australia and New Zealand. As a member of the Lofty Group of companies, Citadel Secure is able to draw on the expertise and insights gained through decades of service provision and partnerships.

The company’s commitment to delivering value has led to its success. To Citadel Secure, value means being smarter for their partners, employing the best people, and using the latest technology solutions and world-class thinking. They prioritize their partner’s needs and are a cost-effective solution, trusted to “take the problem away” and maximize their partner’s productivity by constantly adapting and delivering solutions.

Citadel Secure’s passion for Australia is reflected in their commitment to employing the best people and delivering high-value projects and partnerships with start-ups, SMEs, primes, and Defence. The company provides a range of employment opportunities, encourages a diverse workforce, and supports community initiatives.

In the Defence and Space industry, Citadel Secure assists start-ups, SMEs, and Primes to engage with Defence organizations through a range of services, including developing their company’s understanding of the defence industry landscape, developing a defence industry strategy, and creating formal proposals. Their Defence Value Proposition includes quality business advice, governance, security compliance, and Defence engagement consultation services, supporting companies to engage with whole-of-government and Defence markets through advice, technical writing, and capture planning.

In conclusion, Citadel Secure is the future of the Defence and Space industry support. With its unique perspective, fully integrated professional services, and commitment to delivering value, the company is poised to continue making a difference in the industry. Its lasting partnerships with clients, built on a foundation of trust, assure its sustainability, and contribute to the success of its partners.