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Micro-Prime Collaborative Partnerships

Citadel Secure introduces the innovative concept of Micro-Primes, a unique approach to empower Australian and New Zealand SMEs to play a pivotal role in long-term Nation-building projects.

These projects not only enhance sovereign capability but also establish enduring relationships with Defence and Space agencies, providing SMEs with meaningful participation in critical ventures.

Citadel Micro-Primes open doors for SMEs to engage in a diverse array of Defence and Space projects, often deemed unattainable. This involvement allows Micro-Prime members to take part in substantial work packages, plan strategically, and foster long-term growth.

The Citadel Micro-Prime model offers a direct channel for Defence organisations to engage with the Australian business sector, creating synergy and fostering collaboration.

With a presence across Australia and New Zealand, Citadel Secure brings a track record of delivering direct and indirect procurement services to support major Defence and infrastructure projects.


Photo: Citadel Secure’s Micro-Prime approach during Indo Pacific Expo 2023

Defence Industry Engagement

Citadel Secure knows Defence from our lived experience

We support start-ups, SMEs and Primes to effectively engage within the Defence environment, this is how we will support you:

  • Strategic Blueprint: Develop a tailored Defence industry strategy that identifies and prioritises target opportunities aligned with your business goals.
  • Unlocking Opportunities: Leverage our extensive networks and relationships to open doors to new opportunities.
  • Partner Engagement: We support your engagement with industry partners through visits, briefings, and proposal preparations.
  • AIC Solutions: Craft compelling proposals for Australian Industry Capability (AIC) solutions.
  • Tender Excellence: Skillfully respond to formal tenders and requests, including those under the ASDEFCON framework.


Photo: Director David Searles and the Chief of the Australian Defence Force Angus Campbell during the Avalon Airshow 2023

Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Citadel Secure is your go-to provider for specialised Defence, security and other training services.

Our offerings meet the high standards required in Defence projects and commercial engagements. Our comprehensive training services include:

  • Course Development: We craft new training courses and instructional materials, ensuring they align perfectly with your specific needs.
  • Course Implementation: We deliver project training courses ensuring your team’s preparedness for their roles.
  • Resource Management: Scheduling, resourcing, and approvals are managed for training activities, guaranteeing on-time delivery.
  • Quality Control: We maintain rigorous quality standards over training packages and course evaluations, ensuring ongoing excellence.


Photo: Director James O’Hanlon supporting Australian Border Force & ADF amphibious training.

Physical & Cyber Security

Citadel Secure’s Physical and Cyber Security services are designed to safeguard your operations and comply with Australian, New Zealand and other international security programs.

With our expert team and experience in both military and civilian security projects, we are your trusted partner for Physical and Cyber Security. Let us take your security concerns away so you can focus on what matters most.

  • DISP Membership Expertise: We specialise in assisting Australian and New Zealand businesses in navigating the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) process, ensuring they meet their security obligations. Our team is uniquely positioned with credentials as ADF Security Advisors.
  • In-House Cyber Solutions: Our IT company, Citadel IT, can handle all of your ITC and Cyber Security needs; providing you with an all-in-one solution for meeting your Physical and Cyber Security needs.
  • Three Phase Approach: We use a structured approach to enable DISP membership for our clients:
    • Security Risk Assessment: In the first phase, we assess your business’ current security position, identify gaps, and provide you with a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) report with actionable recommendations.
    • Policy Development and Training: The second phase equips you with the necessary policies, procedures and training to meet DISP requirements across all four security pillars.
    • Continuous Compliance: The final phase involves our Continuous Compliance Program, offering annual training, support for DISO Audit and Assurance activities, international travel briefing, policy updates and assistance with your Annual Security Report.


Photo: Citadel IT’s SOC

Grant Funding

Citadel Secure expertise enables us to assist you in accessing government funding to support your business’ growth.

Our Three-Step Process:

  • Government Engagement: We deliver direct engagement with government agencies at all levels, helping you develop and implement an engagement strategy within a business development context or connect with the right entities to achieve your objectives.
  • Grant Funding: Citadel identifies and prepares grant applications for both Commonwealth and state governments where applicable. This includes ongoing grant management to ensure all necessary reporting for received grant funding is handled effectively.
  • Technical Writing: We support the development of expressions of interest and tender responses for specific projects. This may encompass project management, response development, or editing services for internally prepared responses.


Photo: Novafast Business Manager David Figallo next to their seven-axis robot, procured through the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grants program

Government Relations

Personal relationships with Government are fundamental to assist our partners and clients.

We have built broad and productive bipartisan networks with key decision makers and influencers in Australia and NZ to maintain a clear picture of government priorities and future policies.

Our team is respected for its integrity and accountability in all its engagements with government. We conduct our representational work with unwavering professionalism, openness and honesty.


Photo: SA Senator Andrew McLachlan and Tynbell’s owner Raymond Fenech during the commissioning event for their new press brake Bystronic Xpert Pro

Global Engagement & International Strategy

Citadel Secure is your trusted partner whether you’re an Australian Defence industry member, or an international company seeking representation in Australia.

Our services support your export plans and strategic international engagement needs.

  • Agreements and Partnerships: Citadel provides strategic advice on international partnerships and agreements, acting as a central point for coordination, while enhancing key partnerships through a local and international presence.
  • Strategic Analysis: We develop informative briefing documents and conduct data-informed research to support your executive team’s international engagement endeavours.
  • International Alliances: We coordinate and drive engagement in strategic alliances to expand your global presence.
  • International Visits and Protocol: Citadel tailors visits to meet the strategic goals of your organisation during Australian and international engagements.
  • Regional Expertise: We offer strategic advice on bilateral partnerships, gather intelligence on key countries/regions, and strengthen relationships with key partners.


Photo: Associate Consultant Thomas Searles during his visit to Astute Group in the UK

Bid & Project Management

Citadel Secure is dedicated to helping you pursue, bid and secure major contracts, deals and accounts.

Our services are founded on lived experience and trusted industry insights, leveraging strategic understanding and desired outcomes, storytelling and determination.

In the Defence sector, we shine in preparing for and winning business within the Land, Air, Sea, Space, and Estate and Infrastructure domains, responding to requests within the ASDEFCON framework. Trust Citadel Secure to be your strategic partner in bid and project management, leading you to success.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Bid and Pitch Strategy: We craft winning strategies that stand out in competitive bids and pitches.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From inception to execution, our services cover the full lifecycle of bids and projects.
  • Performance Analysis: We conduct win-loss analysis to refine your approach continually.
  • Messaging Excellence: Our expertise extends to B2B and B2G messaging, ensuring your proposals are compelling and on-point.
  • Strategic Proposals: We deliver strategic proposals, presentations, and pitch coaching to maximise your chances of success.
  • Major Bids: We excel in managing major bids and multi-bid programs.
  • Market Positioning: Citadel assists with market positioning and pre-contract support, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Project Management: Our capabilities extend to project scoping and management, ensuring projects run smoothly from start to finish.
  • Post-Contract Support: We provide post-contract support to ensure successful project delivery.


Photo: Cultana Training Area Expansion